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17/03/2019 · Just got Sims and before I add Captains skills I would like to know if Little White Mouse up-dated her review she did back in 2016 so I can make the best choice with the 10 points I got Sims with maybe WOW made some changes since then. Ogni riferimento a progetti specifici, modelli, produttori e/o varianti di navi e velivoli sono utilizzati solo per motivi di fedeltà storica e non sono a seguito di finanziamenti o coinvolgimento nel. 10/10/2017 · It reminds me of December 23rd with a line around the block and thousands of parents waiting for doors to open so they could trample, bash, shove and push in order to obtain a cabbage patch kid for Christmas morning. People have signs saying thing like "Free the Kidd. 11/11/2017 · The following is a review of USS Kidd, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. This is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of November 9th, 2017. With historical ties to the vessels Essex, Alabama, Arizona and Black which also appear in World of Warships.

17/11/2018 · I now have Kidd, and after playing a handful of games I was startled at the massive performance spike between the T7 and T8. My question is: Has Kidd rendered Simms irrelevant as a US DD premium? Yes, I know I am comparing a T7 and a T8.. 01/12/2017 · This thread is not a which DD is better thread. Its more of this: Which of these 2 premium DDs do you think is a better tier 8 premium DD? In truth, the Harekaze would probably suit me better, given that I love playing stealthy ninja torpping DDs, and find the Kidd sadly under-armed in torpedoes.

15/11/2017 · 5 hours ago, HazardDrake said: Pretty much. C hull can mount DF and throw up enough lead to anoy CVs just like the Kidd can. You lose one power creeped 5/38 and gain one 5-tube launcher. Oh. And you have better ruddershift and turning circle. Your stock gun range is. 17/03/2018 · Und der kleine DD mit dem Heal ist mal wieder im Shop aufgetaucht. 25/12/2017 · And as such, if you're playing the Kidd, you do depend on your team mates to a fair degree to make winning possible. That said, a well played Kidd can be a beast smoke shooting enemy BBs in support of your team mates. It does require a seemingly selfish playstyle, i.e.. 23/05/2017 · Die Akizuki AA ist noch etwas stärker im Full AA Spec. Vorteil der Kidd ist halt das diese viel mobiler, schneller und den besseren Smoke hat. Dazu gibt es dann auch noch Def AA. Zwar kein Torpreload, dafür aber 5er Torpwerfer. Primär geht es aber eher um die AA Bubble. Loyang is more versatile and a better trainer and I would have to recommend her over Kidd. Kidd is still a monster in the right hands, though. Never underestimate how powerful Repair Party can be -- especially when access to it is normally so limited for a ship-type. Kidd has durability, AA power and better guns.

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